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中国将下水第三艘航母,目的是什么?是要在南海挑战美国海军吗? [美国网贴]


China is launching its third aircraft carrier, what is this for? Is China ready to challenge the U.S. Navy in the South China Sea?



Joseph Larsen, former Intelligence Sergeant at145th BSB (2006-2009)
Answered Nov 26
China is launching its third aircraft carrier,what is this for? Is China ready to challenge the U.S. Navy in the South ChinaSea?
There are many unique answers yet none yet havetouched upon the real reason for China’s expanding blue water navy. It doesn’thave to do with trying to challenge the United States or anything nefarious. Ithas to do with survival in the future and the United States withdrawal fromworld affairs.
The current economic structure of the world is aUS designed and implemented system. It was designed to contain the Soviet Unionand allow the United States to fight the inevitable war in the way the U.S.wanted without allies overriding the war plans. For this freedom and securitythe United States Navy would protect trade throughout the world and wouldwelcome trade agreements that favored everyone but the United States. Thisallowed secured goods to flow throughout the world without the need to rely onempires and colonies to get those goods. Armies and Navies could be reduced asthe threat of attack from ones neighbors became less likely. When everyone hasaccess to the same markets, the need to forcibly gain access to neededresources is reduced.


So, what does this have to do with Chineseaircraft carriers? In short, the system was designed to fight the Cold War andthe United States won.
When the Soviet Union fell so did the need forthe U.S. to protect the world. The system is now putting the US at adisadvantage without the US security gains. Since Bill Clinton, the US tradepolicy has been on autopilot. The world knew that someday the United Stateswould reduce its presence (ie trade security) yet it hoped that the US securityneeds would overlap the rest of the world’s needs. The big factor in thecurrent rush to build up Navies is fracking operations in the United States andCanada.


The United States is on track to not needing anyoil from outside of North America. This means that the aircraft carrier battlegroup the U.S. keeps in or near the Persian Gulf is no longer in the interestsof the United States. When that carrier group gets pulled, it allows for thepossibility of Iran and Saudi Arabia to gain control of the oil market, byforce if necessary. Since Europe gets most of their oil from Russia rather thanthe Middle East, the area most affected by US oil independence is the East Asiamarket. So imagine the horrors that China, Japan and other East Asian nationsare staring down: a world where oil is no longer protected by the U.S. Navy andcan easily be disrupted by competitors. If Iran decides to close the Strait ofHormuz, East Asian economies suffer.


So with the United States pulling back andrenegotiating its trade agreements, the rest of the world has to either step upand secure its own trade routes or risk the loss of supply. This is the reasonfor an expansion of China’s Navy. It is also the reason for Japan’s increasingNavy as well. Hell, this is the reason Teresa May tied the United Kingdom’snavy to U.S. Navy as she desires the UK to supplement the U.S. Navy in orderfor US protecting UK supply routes.
In case you are wondering, the South China Seais where most of the oil flows through. Chinese expansion of influence andnaval power is just a sign of the world trying to finally adapt to a post ColdWar world. Better late then never, I suppose.


Charles Anderson, former Lieutenant Commander atUnited States Navy (1982-1994)
Nov 29 · 11 upvotes
Joseph…thank you. A thoughtful, cogent responsewithout histrionics or politicization…often a rarity in Quora responses.


Krishna Kumar Subramanian, 40 years withcommercial jets! Continuously!
Updated Nov 28
What makes you think the hegemony of the US overthe world is going to last forever? Can’t you see the end coming?
And what in hell is the US’s business in theSouth China Sea?
Managing American Decline
America’s decline relative to a rising China hassparked interest among academics about power shifts in the internationalorder—whether they can happen peacefully and under what conditions; whatprecedents exist and what they tell us.
Managing American Decline
Some states have attempted to enforce their owncitizenship policies, with a dozen permitting undocumented immigrants toacquire driver’s licenses and nearly twice as many to allow them to qualify forinstate tuition. Seven states, along with a slew of municipal governments, haveadopted “sanctuary” policies of official noncooperation with federalimmigration enforcement.


Many governors, including Republicans inMassachusetts and Maryland, have refused to deploy National Guard troops tosupport Trump’s border policies, and California has sued the federal governmentto block construction of a wall along the Mexican frontier.
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In California, officials who regularly boast ofoverseeing the world’s fifth-largest economy have begun to talk of advancingtheir own foreign policy. After Trump withdrew from the Paris climateagreement, Governor Jerry Brown—he has said “we are a separate nation in ourown minds”—crossed the Pacific to negotiate a bilateral carbon-emissions pactwith Chinese president Xi Jinping.


“It’s true I didn’t come to Washington, I cameto Beijing,” said Brown, who is often received like a head of state when hetravels abroad.
More nuclear weapons won’t help prevent thisbreakup of the US!


Adrian Li, MS Electrical Engineering, Universityat Buffalo (2000)
Answered Nov 29
why is it that everything China does, speaking,building, doing must be a challenge or against toward the US? If you(US) doesnot have blood on its own hands, why afraid what others doings must benegative? A strong economy nation need its own protection to guard itself fromforeign “looters” and “pirates”…China had experienced that during the OpiumWar. At that time China was weak on military and was defenseless, Britain andUS looted China and put cannons and guns at the emperor’s head, literally.China had experienced those type of bullying from US and the westerncountries..they know how westerners are..they know if they don’t quicklybeef-up themself, history can easily repeat itself..
Opium war wasabout trade..Trump is now have a trade war with China. But time has changed,the dragon has awaken and roaring and able to protect itself..otherwise thistrade war easily would have turned into the outcome as was in the opium war.There is a cliche saying “fooled me once, shamed on you, fooled me twice shamedon me.”..see how US messed up the middle east..no one wants those outcomes..China is defending the SCS is because the US has more military bases aroundChina. It is a choke point on China if they dont defend it. Britain and USchoked China during the opium war.


Shofotolavski Lee, lived in Living in China (1977-2018)
Answered Dec 6
You should ask why Americans are close to theChinese coast.
The number of US reconnaissance planes approachingShanghai is close to 100 times a year.
South China Sea, not the coast of the UnitedStates
The United States is not a neighboring countryin the South China Sea.
China’s sovereignty over the South China Sea hasbeen established since the Ming Dynasty.
I am very curious, what are the benefits of theUnited States?
If one day, the Iranian navy is strong enough topatrol around the United States, what will the United States react to?
China has been more restrained


Abhik Manna
Dec 6
Same goes with Doklam why China is building roadin a disputed area of Bhutan which is stragicly soft corner of India. TheDoklam is a barren land where not a living being lives then the same questiongoes to China.


Shofotolavski Lee
Dec 6
This is an interview with an Indian scholar.
There is no doubt that it belongs to China.
Any country has the right to build roads in itsown territory.
There is no dispute area
The territory that the British colonists did notreceive in the past, India now requires these territories
India is incomprehensible
India did not realize that he was hated by allneighboring countries.


Abhik Manna
Dec 6
LOL, it brought me to a paid propagandaspreading Chinese site, you better see a international new channel like BBC orAl Jazeera they clearly show it disputed. No one hates India Bhutan,Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Maldives no one hate India except Pakistan.
India vs China: Clash of the titans ( Al Jazeera)
New images show Doklam plateau build-up ( BBCthough BBC is very anti India still it claim the area as disputed )
Better see you own neighbors like South Korea,Taiwan, Japan.
It may not be disputed to China but is disputedto the whole world. You guys can built CPEC hishways passing through thedisputed Pakistan occupied Kashmir and cry about US in international waters ofSouth China Sea.


J. Zhang
Answered Nov 29
China is building carriers to learn how to buildcarriers. There is not much more than that.
China is building these as prototypes. That iswhy no 2 Chinese carriers are of the same design. It has 3 carriers with 3different designs. The logistics of this would be a nightmare in wartime.
You will know when China is serious aboutbuilding a real warfighting carrier force when it settles on one design andcranks out 10 of them.


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