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为什么美国不在40年前阻止中国经济崛起,到现在才来阻止? [美国网贴]


Why didn’t the USA try to stop China’s economic rise 40 years ago rather than now?



Richard Li, Knows a thing or two about China
40 years ago every Chinese was wearing the same dull coloured green uniform, riding push bikes to work, eating cabbages as their main staple vitamin intake.
This wasn’t the kind of market the US, or any other capitalistic nation wanted.
They wanted a open market with good purchasing power, where they can endlessly exploit and exact money from. They weren’t interested in the circumstance of the Chinese at the time. They want to sell expensive machines, machines that require complex technological know-hows that only they have, they wanted to sell licenses, softwars that would otherwise cost the Chinese millions which they had to grow, exact, and compete, on the open international market. Chinese couldn’t trade with Yuan, they had to sell cheap household items on the market for 10 cents a piece USD, and save that dollar by dollar, so they can eventually save enough to buy their second hand, worn out machines.


Forget democracy, the US weren’t interested in that. When the gate came down the one who came were the merchants.
When that didn’t work quite well, the capital found the next best thing. Opening factories in China, take a ride on the tax break and cheap labour. That was the motivation. You groom China into a consumer market, so you can then milk it.


and IP theft? This has been happening for decades. I literally have seen this being used a few times in the last decade whenever the US has a fissyfit over trade with China.
When every computer in China was running a pirated version of Windows 95, that wasn’t so much a problem because it wasn’t on the US government’s agenda.


All of the games I played growing up, Dune, C&C, Diablo, Star Craft, pirated. Where to buy legit ones? No where. Where’s the complaint then? Wait, Chinese wasn’t in the WTO so it doesn’t have to allow US companies to make millions in China.


Then it did. At the expense of millions of Chinese small business owners. Yet the Chinese took that pill with a smile, because that’s what the government wanted and they were told it was better in the long run.
Yes, it was, turned out it was better in the long run.
Now China IS a very strong economy with enough muscle to push and turn. It is playing by the capitalistic rulebook, and yet shit still gets thrown her way.
Of course, the ordinary people didn’t know about this, all they know is that their government wanted a democratic, friendly, ancient and mystic nation to be friend with. An oriental mystery box if you will.


Elizabeth Jean Stapel, lives in The United States of America (1965-present)
It was hoped (“expected” even, by some) that, as the people became less poor and had more contact with the outside world, they would strive for liberty, perhaps similarly to how South Korea had done.
The U.S. administrations and pundits at the time had great hopes of China rising to join the free world, unleashing the ingenuity of their people, integrating themselves into world cultures, technology, etc. Many people had high hopes for China’s future.


These hopes have been dashed. But it was not obvious, forty years ago, that this would be the outcome. Much as is the case with Russia under Putin (in contrast to Russia under Yeltsin), dreams of China joining the larger community as a free nation with similar desires, problems, goals, etc.
The current situation is very sad, and incredibly disappointing. But this outcome could not have been known forty years ago. And what kind of people would Westerners be, if they tried to force others to be poor and unfree?


Nick Chu, Floor Sweeper to CEO of My Company at Ceo of My Own Company (1995-present)
Why didn’t US try to stop China….. Got news for you, US is doing that none stop, almost every year. I remembered this from about 40 years ago. US was blaming China for unloading their products via other countries. For example, Chinese product shipped to Thailand, relabelled as Thai product and shipped to US market. So US wants to have a private meeting with China to discuss a “punishment”. It was a close door private meeting. Hours went by and the door opened. Both parties came out of meeting smiling, shaking hands and if they were in love. The “New Punishment” for China is they can now sell TWICE as many as before. What? What kind of joke is this? I begin to wonder what was not mentioned? US now will sell twice or more Boeing and other things to China?


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