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Do all Chinese guys prefer skinny girls?



Jessica Bolin, I met my husband in an MMO

(Edit: The original question I answered was a bit different, don’t remember what it was.)

Hi. I think your question has more to do with relationships than with the preferences of Chinese guys. Let me explain.


I met my husband online. At the time, he was a 300 pound green orc shamman and I was a 450 pound male cow who turned into trees?and [email protected] (we met in a video game).

We talked for years before meeting up. Every day for years. I moved to China and we kept talking. We talked about everything from how we felt about having a family to politics to religion. After 4 years or so it was apparent that we were super compatible, so we decided to meet in real life.


We weren’t big on pictures or video chats, so we hadn’t seen much of each other when we did this. We just jumped in. He flew out to where I was living at the time, and I stared the only picture I had of him to make sure I would recognize him when I saw him. When I finally did see him for the first time, I was really excited but I gotta admit, my eyes were confused. I had never seen this moving, breathing human before. It felt like looking at a stranger.


We went to a Steak and Shake, and we looked at each other awkwardly for a while. And we talked. The same way we had online. He talked about his job and I talked about my internship, and it felt the same. And it slowly dawned on us: this was no stranger, this was the person we had been falling in love with for years.


I suppose my point is, you don’t fall in love with a body, you fall in love with a person; a soul.



If you guys are really hitting it off, meeting in person won’t change anything. If for whatever reason he does decide you’re not “skinny enough” (a ridiculous decision in any case, imo) then he was never in love with you as a person, he “loved” an imaginary construct of your body. Even if you do fit that image, it would not work out because our bodies change, and crushing on someone for their looks is temporary at best.


Hopefully you’ll find what my husband and I did: you can grow to love someone as a person before you ever meet their body… and then you get to fall in love with that too ?


Prentiss Chen, Marketing

Most Chinese guys do prefer skinny girls, unfortunately… at least 95% …

Do not mislead by the other answers.

BECOZ the definition of fat is different between China and western countries. when a Chinese girl is considered as “chubby fat” or “baby fat” in China, she is considered as “slim” or even “ skinny” in western countries!

Remember Kate Winslet in the movie Titanic? She was 173cm and 65kg-70kg. This figure in China means “ Chubby fat” at most!

I am chubby fat in China, and all of my western friends think i am slim, good figure balabala… and even like this, a lot of my Chinese male friends think i am fat, and told me i would look better if i could lose 10KG or 5KG! And my mom said i look like a panda!

It is possible that a Chinese guy meets a fat girl and get to know her and later fall in love with her. But in the beginning they definitely prefer skinny or slim girls.






Ruoyu Liu, studied at Sun Yat-Sen University (2014)

Thanks A2A.

Not all Chinese guys prefer skinny girls.

I’ll use two Chinese idioms to elaborate.

One is 环肥燕瘦 (literally ‘Huan is fat while Yan is skinny’), ‘环’ refers to 杨玉环 or 杨贵妃 Yang Guifei, known as one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China. Yang Guifei was fat but considered a beauty in those times.

And ‘燕’ refers to 赵飞燕Zhao Feiyan, an empress during the Han Dynasty. She was known in the Chinese popular mindset for her beauty.

Thus, 环肥燕瘦 indicates that each of beautiful women is attractive in the own way.

Another idiom is 情人眼里出西施, which means literally ‘a lover perceives his or her beloved to be as beautiful/charming/delightful as 西施’. 西施 was also one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China.




Therefore, I think shape does not matter at all as long as the man loves you, regardless of his nationalities.




Andrew Ekleberry

Send him a photo of yourself, right now. Take a real life, real you, photo. Now dress as best you can. Do the best you can do. But make a full body photo.

Truth is, there are tons of guys, that would love you just how you are. Not a problem. Seriously, it’s not an issue.

But there are guys that have preferences. You need to send that photo now. If he doesn’t want a girl with more curves… you want to find that out right now. Not after you waste time and effort, and money, having him come to meet you.

Think about it. Better to find out now… right? Because it’s going to hurt now or later, if he says no. So why wait until you have to spend time with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?

I actually knew a girl who did this. She was a nice girl, but she was plump.

She met a guy online in the US. She kept sending all these photos of just her face, and intentionally avoided the body shots.

He came up to meet her, spent three days, trying to avoid her. Because when he got there, he didn’t like what he saw. So she spent a whole weekend with someone who didn’t want to have anything to do with her.

That is far worse then sending a photo, and finding out he is not interested over the internet.

Send a photo. Look at good as you can, but have the photo true to who you are.

If he says no….. yes it’s going to hurt… but trust me, it’s just one guy. There are hundreds that would want you, just how you are.

And of course, he could say “That’s grade A+ Marriage material right there”, and want you even more. You don’t know. But you need to find out sooner rather than later.







Haiyan Chen, Native Chinese have the most real experience of China

In fact, many Chinese men do not love too skinny girl.


This is Fan Bingbing, a very popular Chinese female star, but she is not thin . It is said to weigh around 65kg. But she is still the dream of most Chinese men


This girl is Jiang Xin, and also a very popular actress. She is not thin , but we all like her very much, because she is frank and outgoing, and never conceal her liking for good food.


Surachai Jaturapattarapong, studied at University of Queensland

Well I don’t think Chinese men necessarily prefer skinny women in all cases. I would rather argue its Chinese women in particular that have an intense desire to be very skinny. Recently, there has been a competition in which thousands of Chinese women competed to have thin waists as an A4 piece of papers. Speaking from my perspective as a Southeast Asian dude who have experienced the same ordeal, being thin is revered everywhere in Chinese media. All the female celebrities maintain a slender body, and the general public are brainwashed with the standards that are put out by the media. A lot of celebrities lose weight because Asians tend to have ‘round’ face, and it’s important to appear to have the ‘slim face’ on the screen. Similarly being on screen “adds 10 pounds” and just makes everything look chubbier, and these celebrities need to have the ‘perfect’ body with zero cellulite. Most of them are very underweight in real life, but they look nice on the big screen, so they set that drastic example for everyone.


Shizheng Tie, Mentor at Boston University (2018-present)

Hi there!

As far as I know, Chinese guys actually prefer chubby girls traditionally because it’s easier for chubby girls to give birth. Think about the anorexic girls who lost their periods! It makes perfect sense to prefer somebody more furtile in a sense.

Also, I saw some Chinese guys passing on a saying online: it’s your luck to find a foodie girl, because if she’s upset with you, you only need to buy her dinner and, lonand behold, problem solved(other skinny girls may need an LV, an Armani perfume, some designer handbags, and Prada sunglasses and so on)



Aaron Cai, 君子和而不同

A2A, thanks.

Personally, I don’t have a special interest in skinny girls, it reminds me some unhealthy views of beauty but I could be stereotyping the group.

In general, I don’t see many men in China dating skinny girls, the phenomenon couldn’t reveal the truth about most men’s preference of body shape of girls since I didn’t actually talk to anybody how they feel about it but statistics do shed a light on it I believe.

I suppose it differs from man to man, one of my friends does prefer the skinny type.

BTW, I think Adele is more lovely when she was still chubby.


Noel Aki

Not all. A lot of Chinese guys in the states are exposed to western beauty standards, so they are more open to dating someone curvy. But in China I’d say almost 95% of Chinese men prefer skinny. This is because Chinese girls are normally skinny (At least by western standards), so that’s what they’re used to.


Amanda Sparks, studied at Proud Mother of Two

Why not just send him a full body photo of yourself, then let him decide. If he’s that shallow, you don’t want him anyway. You’ll have dodged a bullet.

Good luck.



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