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一位非洲公民对西方慈善有话说 [美国网贴]


What is something that needs to be said?

一位非洲公民对西方慈善有话说Didier Champion, Personal Development & Finance Coaching (2016-present)
Updated Jun 2
We Africans don’t need your pity and sympathy.


Stop sponsoring “ poverty porn”. We do not need your donations. Please, keep it toyourself. It makes you feel good, but it does not do good. It has never done any good and will never do good. Your donations make things worse.

停止赞助“贫困宣传”(原文porn,即色情,带有批判西方国家和慈善组织借宣传非洲贫困,展现道德情怀、自我满足的意思,这里意译为“宣传”)。我们不需要你们的捐款。拜托你们自己留着。这只让你们感觉良好,对我们毫无帮助。从来没有,以后也不会。你们的捐款只会让事情更糟。It is a big business for the mafia organizations who work in the industry. As an African, Iam tired of this poverty porn phenomena. I will explain my story below.


I took this above picture this February 2018 at a gas station bathroom in Germany.


I am going on a road trip to Munich, Germany. On the way, I stopped by a gas station toget coffee and food. I went to the bathroom to take care of my business. As I sat on the toilet, this picture was up in my face, asking me to donate nowor die inside with guilt and shame!


The poster is self-explanatory, but I will translate. It reads:


“Aktion Deutschland” is a coordinator of many German Charity Organizations. Theyclaim to help people of Africa fighting against hunger. They urge people to DONATE NOW!

“行动中的德国”是许多德国慈善机构的协调者。他们宣称正帮助非洲人民与饥饿抗争,他们敦促人们立刻捐款!Red Cross Built Exactly 6 Homes For Haiti With Nearly Half A Billion Dollars In Donations


The American RedCross raised $ 500million dollars to rebuild 130,000 homes for Haiti people. In the end, 4 years later, it was found that they only manage to build 7 houses only. * Sevenfucking make shift houses for $ 500 million dollars*.


Where did the money go? Your guess is as good as mine. To the upper-middle class workersand the MAFIA organizations they work for. Flying business class, staying at high-end luxury hotels, big salaries and bonuses, expensive parties in exoticresorts, luxury cars, and any other waste you can think of. They do it all!


It is not just the American RedCross. It is all of them. Their scandals ranges from money laundering, corruption cases, child sexabuse of young girls and women, you name it. In the end, nobody get punished and they keep asking for donations every year.

这种行为绝不仅限于美国红十字,而是集体行为。这些慈善机构的丑闻包含了洗钱,腐败,针对年轻女孩的儿童性虐待,不一而足。然而没有人得到惩处,继续年年要钱。How does it affect Africa and the poor in general?


So much is wrong with this poverty porn scenario. But it does not stop there. It goes way beyond what you can imagine. Because of all these images all over the place, people get to the point where all they know about Africa is poverty, hungry kids, jungle and animals.


This is why the moment you mention that you are African, people start asking you all sortsof “ dumb” questions. WHY? Because these images present a one sided view ofAfrica. A negative image of Africa that no potential tourists want to visit and explore.


As an African who travels around the continent so aften, I can tell you that therevenues that Africa should be gaining through tourism and investment would be way more than all the donations that these NGOs collect to enrich themselves pretending to help poor Africans.


Africa: Global Hospitality Firm Explains Why It Picked Rwanda in Sub-Sahara

新闻链接:非洲: 全球酒店公司解释为何选择在撒哈拉沙漠南边的卢旺达

Beyong stealing your money, stripping off the poor’s dignity and respect as humans, sex abuse scandals, money laundering, corruption, and other petty crimes, these NGO’s are painting an incomplete one-sided story of Africa.


There are way more better ways to help the poor. That is to help the poor helpthemselves. Give them the tools they need to provide for themselves. Do you people think you can feed a “ hungry kid” in Africa until they grow up?


· If you really want to help the poor,visit and explore their countries.

· 如果你真的想帮助穷人,拜访、探索他们的国家。Debunking common myths and stereotypes about Africa.


Please, keep your money.


Last but not least, don’t fall for their claims. You are being played. Keep your money. Thebigger they are, the more corrupt these organizations get. Their main concernis not to eraducate poverty. Their primary focus is to keep people dirt-poor sothat they keep collecting donations.


It makes you feel good to donate, but you are not helping. You are being scammed big time.Instead, save your money and come visit if you can.



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