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以色列新闻:中国人接管海法港之后,美国海军或许不会再到该港停靠 [美国网贴]


WASHINGTON – The US Navy has acknowledged that its longstanding operations in Haifa may change once a Chinese firm takes over the civilian port in 2021, prompting Israel’s national security cabinet to revisit the arrangement, The Jerusalem Post has learned.


Haifa, the nation’s largest port city, regularly hosts joint US-Israeli naval drills and visits from American vessels. But a 2015 agreement between Israel’s Transportation Ministry and Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) – a company in which the Chinese government has a majority stake – has raised intelligence and security concerns that are only now prompting an interagency review.


That agreement granted SIPG control over the port for 25 years. The Chinese company has committed $2 billion to the project and, according to state-run media, plans to transform the port’s bay terminal into the largest harbor in the country.


A representative of the Sixth Fleet said the navy’s partnership with Israel remains “steadfast.”


“Our US Navy ships frequently visit Haifa, Israel, for both US-Israel bilateral military activity and port calls,” Commander Kyle Raines told the Post, when asked whether China’s coming presence might affect fleet operations in the Mediterranean city.

“我们美国海军的舰船,因为美以双边军事活动和港口调用两方面的原因,频繁的访问以色列海法市,”当被问及中国日渐增多的存在,是否会影响到该舰队在这座地中海城市的活动,Kyle Raines指挥官告诉邮报。

“For now, there are no changes to our operations in Israel,” the commander continued. “I can’t speculate on what might or might not occur in 2021.”


Three sources familiar with the matter said that due to concerns that US defense officials privately shared with their Israeli counterparts, the Israeli government has launched “a review of the agreement at a high level,” specifically among members of the inner cabinet.


According to one source, several members expressed worry that sensitive infrastructure matters have not been properly vetted by Israel’s full national security cabinet prior to approval.


“You don’t want a decision that was made ostensibly for business reasons to have an impact on Israel’s relationship with the American navy,” the source said.


The deal was signed off by Israel Katz, who was serving as transportation minister at the time and has remained in the position since. He occupies a seat in the national security cabinet.

该协议当时是Israel Katz签署的,他当时担任交通部长,此后一直担任此职。他在国家安全内阁占有一个席位。

A senior IDF officer confirmed that the review is under way. But it is unclear whether Israel has any recourse to allay US concerns with the China project, which is already sealed and in motion.


“Historically, it’s interesting to see [that] the whole awakening is now when the contract was signed in 2015 – it begs the question what the hype is all about. It’s probably more conducive now because of the US-China tensions over trade, national security and the like,” said Assaf Orion, a retired Israeli brigadier-general and expert on Israel-China relations now based at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “There is always a question of encouraging investment versus managing risk.”

“从历史上看,这份协议是2015年签署的,而现在却出现了全面的醒悟,这种情形很有趣——让人怀疑这种大肆宣传究竟是出于什么原因。因为美中在贸易、国家安全以及类似方面的紧张情绪,现在进行这种宣传可能更有利,”以色列退休准将、以色列-中国关系专家,现就职于华盛顿近东政策研究所的Assaf Orion说!霸诠睦蹲视牍芾矸缦罩浼右匀ê獾奈侍庖恢贝嬖!

“The bottom line here is that Israel will make a fatal mistake by doing either or both of the following: disregarding China’s potential to advance Israel’s economy, and doing it with our eyes shut,” Orion continued. “We must keep our eyes open, fully aware of the risk management requirements and its possible impact on the US-Israel relationship.”


Retired Israeli and American defense and intelligence officials raised concerns throughout the summer that Chinese management of the port might jeopardize America’s operations there.


The former head of Israel’s Mossad, Efraim Halevy, sounded an alarm in recent months over the security implications of China’s creeping presence across Israel’s critical infrastructure. And retired admiral Gary Roughead, ex-chief of US naval operations, warned that a Chinese-run seaport in the bay could force the navy to dock its warships elsewhere.


“The Chinese port operators will be able to monitor closely US ship movements, be aware of maintenance activity and could have access to equipment moving to and from repair sites and interact freely with our crews over protracted periods,” Roughead remarked during a conference last month at the University of Haifa.


“Significantly, the information systems and new infrastructure integral to the ports and the likelihood of information and electronic surveillance systems jeopardize US information and cybersecurity,” he added.


Israel has its own security concerns in Haifa to consider as well. The seaport in question is not far from an Israeli navy base where the country maintains its fleet of submarines, which foreign press has reported are capable of carrying and launching nuclear missiles. Domestic critics say that China’s shipping operations in close proximity to the fleet amount to an unacceptable security risk.


This would not be the first time that the Sixth Fleet altered its operations in Haifa due to security concerns. In the aftermath of the USS Cole bombing in Yemen in 2000, and during the Second Intifada, the frequency of port calls fell dramatically and USO Haifa was permanently shuttered.


But neither of those events were within Israeli government control.


The Prime Minister’s Office, Transportation Ministry and Foreign Ministry declined requests for comment on this report.



Can somebody who knows more than me explain if Israel is shifting towards China? Is this a good move?


No. Israel is hedging its bets, though, by ensuring it has trade ties with the growing Chinese economy, same as Europe.


can you really hedge your bets if you are Israel?
US is the only country in UN protecting them via Veto power, for a long time now.
diplomatically they are totally dependent on US.


The Soviets previously supported Israel alongside the US. Yes, Israel can hedge their bets. Just as the Palestinians hedged theirs, never solely relying on the 50+ Muslim states that give them 1/4 of the UN automatically, every vote.


With AIPAC, yeah, they can.


They’re not shifting towards China in terms of national interests, but any country with a GDP less than China’s is excited by trade and FDI prospects.


ut any country with a GDP less than China’s is excited by trade and FDI prospects.
What do you mean by that


I mean Israel, like most other countries, greatly values trade, and China is a great trade partner. High population for consumption, rapidly rising GDP, and a desire to invest in the economies of trade partners (see OBOR/BRI)


any country with a GDP less than China’s
not really how that works


explain if Israel is shifting towards China
This was a commercial deal. The countries have strong commercial ties.


China and Israel have had strong ties since the 90s. Just look at the Israeli hardware the PLAAF is using – J-10s, indigenous Python models, etc.


J-10 is not an Israeli design. It is partially inspired by it, but it shares much more commonalities with the indigenous J-9 (cancelled). It is no more of a copy of the Lavi than the Lavi itself is of an F-16


The Z-10 was also supposed to be an indigenous design until this little tidbit was divulged. The only thing the J-9 has in common with the J-10 is the delta wing and canard planform, the Lavi has a much more direct design lineage to the J-10.


Israel is not shifting towards China, but it is taking advantage of multipolarity.
If Israel shifts, its towards Russia. With 1.5 million soviet Jews, Israel and Russia share cultural ties and Israel in Russia’s eyes, is a semi Russian colony.
Saying that, Israel would not shift towards Russia unless the US started the shift and took moves against the Israelis first. The Israelis love the Americans, and they share more in common with the US.
Political culture, similar stories as nations of immigrants, melting pots(israel as a home for a variety of jews, from East Africa, North Africa, The Levant,to eastern europe, to central europe, to western europe), strong democratic institutions(stronger than much of central europe at least). Not too mention extensive military ties plus long historical alliance together.
Israel is an American satellite and is an especially willing one, the only reason it shifts is because its protector wills the shift.


Israel is going to shift towards Russia, the same people who armed and supplied the Arab nations for the last 70 years? The same Russia that all those Jews fled because of persecution and probably don’t have very good memories of? What are you basing this assumption on? Why would Israel shift to Russia?


Not to mention Russia’s support of state enemies of Israel such as Syria, Iran, and Palestine. The Israeli’s would need a very, very good reason to ally themselves with Russia against the US.


Russia doesnt support Palestine. It doesnt like Iran. It views Iran as similarly a threat, but less of one because “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Iran can rile up muslims in the caucus regions, and support islamist rebels. Russia wants iran out of Syria, and has been acting with the Israelis on that.
Russia only supports Syria because of the mediterranean base. There is no love for assad there. There is a lot of ifs and ands to their mideast alliances with Iran, and that could all change.
The main thing israel would want is a UN veto. That Russia could provide.


That is a far too simplistic view, which forgets the role of the Russian Orthodox Church


The Russian Orthodox Church is more of an arm of the Russian state than the other way around. Much like French Gallacanism(When the Louis the 14th put the catholic church in France under his control instead of the pope), the Russian Orthodox Church justifies the actions of the State. Its for this reason that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was given autonomy by the Patriarch in Istanbul. Otherwise, an independent Russian Orthodox church would have condemned russian aggression against fellow Orthodox christians.


You make a ton valid points. The poster above is completely speculating and has no idea what he’s talking about


Israel is making links to far right parties. The israelis are first about survival, pride second.


If Israel shifts, its towards Russia.

That’s an incredibly speculative scenario. And Russian patronage could never replace American patronage. The Russians have neither the means nor desire to give billions in aid to Israel annually.


The insane part is that the poster thinks 1.5 mil is an impressive number. There are 6.5 mil in America for example.


well, post-soviets are the largest immigrant group in Israel, something like 1/7 of the population (which is quite an impressive proportion)


And the israelis arent necessarily the most happy about the aid. Israel has to constrain itself a lot because of American influence on it. It doesnt build as much nor act as militantly because of American pressure. Most of that pressure has just been behind closed doors though. American has never unconditionally supported israel, (although Trump is the first president to actually come relatively close to that). Israel has acted relatively non aggressively because of American pressure.
The aid makes the israelis defense sector more dependent on America, and weakens it. Some on the israeli right oppose American aid for that very reason. israel would rather weaken social programs than military spending, and getting rid of American aid would give israel more freedom to act because of less American pressure(the Americans gain leverage because of the aid), and would be more helpful towards domestic arms industry. The newest bill and aid is going to weaken israels fighter jet program.
Now the aid does help in respects of mutual military research programs like missile defense shields and other things like missile research, drone research, and maybe satellite research. But otherwise, the aid isnt very necessary.


Where are you getting your information? US aid to Israel has been mostly unconditional, and occasional attempts by the US to put conditions on the aid have been mostly snuffed out by the Israel lobby.


The aid is unconditional, but aid gives leverage. The US leverages the aid to make sure israel cant do things it wants to do, and gives the US more influence over israeli decisions.


Not very much leverage because Israel can call upon its very powerful lobby within the US to relieve the pressure.


And the israelis arent necessarily the most happy about the aid.
The rational ones are pretty happy about it.
Some on the israeli right oppose American aid
In other words, fringey zealous warhawks and politicians grandstanding to their fringey zealous warhawk base.
As long as Israeli foreign policy is governed by a modicum of common sense, they’ll never be opposed to accepting the aid.


Its not irrational to not like the aid. And it will become more common in coming years with a more critical American left and more…public pressure. The israelis dont like being too dependent on anyone, and their strategy is built to be able to shift international alliances. Its happened before, and they are prepared for it.


And it will become more common in coming years with a more critical American left and more…public pressure.
If the conditions on the aid actually become more onerous then maybe it would become rational. But it would take a hell of a lot of conditions for it to become rational to reject billions/yr. The current situation is not anywhere close to that.


Israel doesnt get billions of cold hard cash to spend on whatever it likes. The new American aid deal just means it has to buy all American defense goods. So its just getting free American weapons, and contributes to research mutually beneficial for both countries.
Free American weapons hurts domestic israeli production. The fact that the new deal makes it 100% on American weapons rather than 75% as it used to be is evident of that, although it is more.


just getting free American weapons
right it is “just” getting billions of $ of free stuff.
Free American weapons hurts domestic israeli production.
because it totally makes sense for Israel to be making its own fighter jets /s


Israel is a major international arms dealer. Yeah it pretty much does. Its like top 10 I believe. Their domestic arms industry employs 10% of the population. While they get components from elsewhere, they make a most of it in israel.


Just because Israel has a lot of Soviet Jews doesn’t mean it’s in any way affiliated with Russia. What, you think these guys are simple immigrants?
Let’s put it this way – I know a crap ton of Russians, and am a former Russian myself. But those who have any positive opinions about Russia, I can count on just one finger. Not hand, a finger.
Some (the younger generation who were born in Israel) are okay with going on a vacation to Saint Petersburg, but that’s about it.


It matters less how they view Russia, and more how Russia views them. And Russia’s view of them is positive and makes a kinship between Russia and Israel. There is also pro-putin politicians like Lieberman, whose base is russian voters. Which helps.
Russia views them as part of their diaspora and near abroad. Israel is a part of the Russophone, and that makes a connection between the two countries.


I don’t think Liberman is pro-Russia in any way, and perhaps you’ve forgotten the numerous wars that occurred between Israel and Russia.


….you mean none?
Wars between soviet backed states and israel? Sure there were a couple. But that was more than 40 years ago. The Soviet Union is dead with communism. Russia is not the same as The Soviets, dont conflate them.


The old alliances pretty much stuck.


Can somebody who knows more than me explain if Israel is shifting towards China?
Yeah, I can explain it: No.
Is this a good move?
It’s just some guy who doesn’t understand what a port looks like.


Israel is shifting towards China
Not going to happen, NO country is going to protect Israel like USA does. Israel is similiar to Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, etc. Where they are America’s strongest allies to the point that they might just be their 51st state.


One aspect that must be considered here is that the US Navy has docked its ships in the Haifa Port, and it remains the only port that can accept American ships.
The Haifa Port will continue to run for another 34 years by an Israeli company after a contract will be given in 2021. Same will happen to the Ashdod port.
Israel, however, is building 2 additional ports, one adjacent to the existing Haifa port (called Bay Port), and one adjacent to the existing Ashdod port (called South Port).
The new ports will be run respectively by Chinese and Dutch port running companies once the ports are constructed.
Unless the Americans are planning to start docking their ships in the new port and ditch the current one, I don’t see a reason to be worried about.


This may very well be another article that “jumped the gun” and made the reader assume that it’s “just because of the Chinese factor” when it could very well be that the US Navy is ditching the old port for the newer port(s).


The US Navy has acknowledged that its longstanding operations in Haifa may change once a Chinese firm takes over the civilian port in 2021, prompting Israel’s national security cabinet to revisit the arrangement, The Jerusalem Post has learned.


No good natured jokes about the historical relationship between Jews and Chinese food?


My favorite is the testimony of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan during her confirmation hearing.
Senator Lindsey Graham asked her where she was on Christmas day. She said “You know, like a good Jew, I was probably at a Chinese restaurant”.

我最喜欢的是最高法院大法官Elena Kagan在审议听证会上的证词。
Lindsey Graham参议员问她在哪过圣诞节。她说:“你知道的,就像好犹太人一样,我大概会在某家中餐馆过!

8 days til Christmas Eve! The one day a year you can walk into a chinese restaurant and have everyone greet you in hebrew


if you know one please share


Everyone knows the rich Chinese tradition of consuming Jewish delicacies like bagel and lox or calfs’ feet jelly /s


sorry to be a killjoy, but this joke doesn’t make sense in the Israeli context. Christmas isn’t a national holiday in Israel. So there’s no meme about eating Chinese food on Christmas.


this a storm in a tea cup and a hypocritical one a that
the old cargo port and military port stay the same (israeli government owned and operated)
the new cargo port will be run by a chinese commercial operator (israeli government owned)
i fail to see any issue beyond american hypocrisy and paranoia ( the us can avoid the new port with its warships )
btw today american warships dock in hong kong and in piraeus both owned by the chinese government
the new port is 70% done we will not change our national development plans for the usn
after all docking forward deployment and repair services in haifa are all in us national interest


perhaps the americans would be satisfied with an agreement over security and procedure.
According to one source, several [Israeli cabinet] members expressed worry that sensitive infrastructure matters have not been properly vetted by Israel’s full national security cabinet prior to approval.


israeli think tank society is filled with ex militery types with usa links both commercial and professional
as does the israeli political class
the fact is that no one was willing to give out his name or get into any specific problem with the new port
is proof enough for me that this is a hit piece by interested parties exploiting the sensitive us-israel relationship
and not a serious issue


so you don’t give much shrift to the following. These seem like fairly specific and reasonable complaints from the US side:
And retired admiral Gary Roughead, ex-chief of US naval operations, warned that a Chinese-run seaport in the bay could force the navy to dock its warships elsewhere.
“The Chinese port operators will be able to monitor closely US ship movements, be aware of maintenance activity and could have access to equipment moving to and from repair sites and interact freely with our crews over protracted periods,” Roughead remarked during a conference last month at the University of Haifa.
“Significantly, the information systems and new infrastructure integral to the ports and the likelihood of information and electronic surveillance systems jeopardize US information and cybersecurity,” he added.


so some ex us navy guy probably from some washington think tank makes a speculative statement
no i don’t give any significance to his complaints
what is the intelligence value of commercial traffic data for a superpower like china that has tracking satellites to follow usn ships around
especially since precedent exists for usn physically entering chinese operated ports in greece and hong kong


especially since precedent exists for usn physically entering chinese operated ports in greece and hong kong
just because the US does operate in those ports, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t prefer the ports were not Chinese-run. The fact that the ports are Chinese-run may make them less secure for the Americans, and necessitate expensive and annoying security procedures. Given the closeness of the US-Israel alliance, I’d say American concerns should be given some weight in a major security infrastructure decision like this.


repeat after me the old commercial port and the military port and the shipyard remain the same (100% israeli)
the usa no longer exports heavy duty infrastructure projects (like ports)
the chinese offered a fast reasonably priced project the usa needs to get over itself


you may be right that the deal stands on its merits, but I think it would behoove Israel to get their American partners onside (as they seem to be trying to do).


if it involves some empty promises and some minor monetary effort (software and procedure changes) sure let them have it
but this is an important developmental project it will not stop to make uncle sam feel less paranoid


uncle sam feel less paranoid
US counterintelligence concerns about China are not prima facie paranoia. There is a real, high-stakes, and bloody competition going on.


Back in 82 I was n a carrier pulling into Haifa and our visit was cancelled 40 miles offshore because Israel forgot to tell us they were invading Lebanon that morning. Haifa is right on the border. We ended up doing 6 weeks off of Beirut waiting to evacuate the embassy. I got a battle ribbon for it and never saw land.

Turning over so many infrastructure programs to companies based in countries that have a history of subverting civilians and corporations to conduct espionage is incredibly dumb.


I mean hopefully this will stop countries from taking loans from China. They are the Payday lenders of the world.


Can anyone actually win this intelligence war against China?


what do you mean?
In the first place, an intelligence war isn’t exactly open to the public to judge, so there isn’t any way for us to judge who is winning, if its even as simple as that.


well, if you only tune in to certain media, it’s all about China spy on US.


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