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都说中国是物廉之地,然而事实并非如此 [美国网贴]



Posted byu/PM-ME-YUAN China1 day ago
This has been bugging me for a long time now almost a year since when I first moved to China.


In the west i bought a lot of Chinese products such as electrical appliances which were inexpensive and ok in quality. Compared to Japanese Korean or western electronic appliances.

在西方,我买过很多中国产品,如家用电器,这些产品与日本、韩国和西方国家的相比,价格更便宜且质量也相当可靠。These two disconnects in price have just been bugging me.



Most answers here don’t address the very real differences in cost structures. Europe and the US have incredibly efficient retail sectors with large scale economies of scale excellent distribution networks high labor productivity high purchasing power and fast product turnover. All of which result in low total product costs. Combine that with a very competitive retail landscape and you have high volumes low margins meaning low prices.

大部分回复并没有提到成本结构方面存在着的真正差异。欧洲和美国拥有体量巨大效率极高的零售业和优秀的经销网络,并且他们的劳动生产率高,购买力强,货物流通快速。所有这些因素降低了产品的总成本。薄利多销再加上强大的竞争力,产品的价格自然就降低了。One of the main reasons e-commerce works so well in China is because of really cheap labor. If and when that changes same day deliveries by e-bike just won’t be feasible anymore.
But there is a huge speculative bubble in retail spaces few of the empty mega malls all over the China will likely succeed and generate a ROI.


Gotta shop online bud. I know that’s not a great option for clothing but if you’re looking at electronics appliances imported cooking ingredients etc. Taobao and JD are the way to go. E-commerce is the thing in China those companies are way more streamlined and efficient than your typical big-box store thus you get lower prices. And actually I’ve been pretty lucky with buying t-shirts socks and shoes online.


You are correct. Prices for all goods are remarkably high in China especially clothing. Western retail giants get the inside deal and there’s strong competition to sell cheap. China kind of lacks that competition (for some reason).
As a foreigner you get high pay. That totally makes up for it.


1.Do you haggle? Might also want to look up the exact same item on Taobao. Domestically produced electronics and clothes seem like the bread and butter of online shopping in China.


2.Stores in China probably have less optimal space usage staff productivity and product stock management because expected ROI is lower. Just look at how often you come upon stores whose business idea lack of customers ridiculously large staffs and/or crazy amount of shelf product makes you go ”wtf how do they survive”. Probably by selling fewer things at a higher margin to poor saps who don’t haggle (see #1).


3.Some places are just fronts for money laundering/prostitution/public incentive scam/somewhere for the rich brother of the local urban planning bureau chief to create a management position for his idiot son-in-law. Or all of the above.

Walmart or H&M. Same places I’d go in the west really. I’ve never been a fan of online shopping.


If you buy Chinese it’s cheaper. If you’re shopping at foreign stores they have to pay import duties on everything. Also I think H & M aim for a slightly higher market in China.

I’ve always found that H+M is pretty equivalent to what I paid in the US. I don’t understand that one.
I told him upthread that you can find good quality stuff if you look. Taobao isn’t great for cheap clothes because what you see is almost never what you get when you pay the low prices.
Every city has it’s dealers. I have a two tailors two shoe guys a brand name factory lady and a knock-off guy. You just have to ask around in the expat community and make Chinese contacts. If you see someone with a Burberry scarf ask them it’s a 50/50 chance that it’s a knock-off or factory extra.

我一直觉得在中国H&M的价格和我在美国买到的差不多,所以我不懂为什么说在中国买H M会更贵。我在上面就告诉他,找找的话,总是能找到质量优质的产品的。要买便宜的衣服,那么淘宝绝非理想之地。淘宝上的东西价格虽低,但你在上面看到的东西和你实际拿到手的会相差甚远。每个城市都有自己的经销商。我有两个裁缝,两个鞋匠,一个在品牌店工厂工作的女工,和一个会山寨的伙计。你只要到外籍人士社区问问,并和中国人建立联系就可以了。如果你看到有人带着博柏利牌的围巾,上去问问他们,这条围巾要么是山寨货,要么是正品。

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