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一条连接中国到美国的高铁? [美国网贴]


A new high-speed train from China to US?

一条连接中国到美国的高铁? CNN主持人讨论了从中国经俄美之间的白令海峡去往美国本土的高铁,全程大家都觉得这个项目不可能实现所以带有戏谑的口吻聊天般的谈论此事,因为这个项目的困难实在太多了,也从来没想过用铁路链接两个大陆。据报道,该项目的成本在350亿美元,将耗时20年时间。


Hea Jung kim
CNN: Chinese Negative News BBC: BadBehavior of China CNN: Chinese Negative News BBC: Bad Behavior of China CNN:Chinese Negative News BBC: Bad Behavior of China CNN: Chinese Negative NewsBBC: Bad Behavior of China CNN: Chinese Negative News BBC: Bad Behavior ofChina

CNN:中国消极新闻 BBC:中国的糟糕表现
CNN:中国消极新闻 BBC:中国的糟糕表现
CNN:中国消极新闻 BBC:中国的糟糕表现

zhu shiao

哈哈哈哈哈哈buddy RJ
Inception_Bwah >>LOL, they are smart people, you know. By banning certaininternet service, they created their own internet service to their ownadvantage, created million of jobs in the process, They have Youku instead ofyoutube, etc. China is one of the few countries in the world that have internetgiants comparable to US, Alibaba is even bigger than Amazon and e-bay combined,where else you see this, India? it has nothing to do with freedom of speech blabla, it’s economic advantage. It’s very easy to access youtube, etc if theywant to, but what’s the point? See the anti-China troll in comments sectionwill make them cringe. Besides, NSA is spying the whole world. It’s killing 2birds with 1 stone. What makes you think that the whole world would think andact like you?

Inception_Bwah 哈哈,他们是聪明人,你懂的。

How about we get high speed trains acrossthe US first. Then we can start talking about trains to other countries.

我们先建条穿越美国的高铁如何?之后我们再开始谈论跟其他国家通铁路。Richard Johnson
@Gone2thedogs you said Trains aren’tuseless in areas with low population as long as they connect areas with highdensity (cities), but i said is high speed train is useless in somewherehas low population DENSITY


Louie AC
California is actually starting theconstruction of a high speed rail connecting Los Angeles to San Francisco.


Richard Johnson
@Louie Castillo California is actuallystarting dreaming


Richard Johnson
@Louie Castillo the High speed railwayproject in CA will spend 20 years, in that time, China may have somethingwhich can run 1000MPH


John Yu.Thanh
Hahaha! You could be right. China hassuccessfully test run its 600Km/hr high speed train last year.

@bctopper Yeah, 20 billion soundsridiculously cheap for the China-US rail.


It’s a completely different concept. Thereis a massive difference between an underground mag-lev (which I’m assuming isthe proposal) to the Hyperloop system.



en zhu
What big big big project? It is a piecesmall potato in China. The only obstacle about the project is politics. If bothsides of the tunnel were inside China, it could be finish in 5 years.


The project would cost a lot more than 35billion. They just pulled that figure out of thin air. The real cost would benear to a trillion when all of the infrastructure and networks are put inplace. And the project would only really benefit China and not the US andCanada. It is not going to happen.

该项目只会让中国真正受益,而不是美国和加拿大。这是不可能的。jimmy jimmy
would break too fast because of ‘made inchina’ quality


jimmy jimmy But your whole family is using”made in china” tho.


SarielReigns777- Верховный Кыборг 5 个月前
jimmy jimmy ahahaha, you’recommenting this on a Chinese Smartphone, you Stupid


El Bottoo
pulease…if china wanted 2, they culdcomplete this in 5 years lol. have u seen what they have built. the question isnot whether it is possible or not, the question is politics. its really hard 2deal with american paranoia and biasness.


El Bottoo yeah, mostly cheap knockoffs ofother things.

那是,大部分都是廉价的仿冒品。Xuanming Lu
+LiveForPanda have you heard of the concept”gravity train ” ?


+Xuanming Lu I’m not one of those idiotswho believe we can simply dig a hole through the core of Earth. It’s fiction,buddy.


Xuanming Lu
+LiveForPanda I am not saying it’s acertainty, but I think it’s a possibility, the technology advancement in recent50 years has surpassed the combination of past 2000 years, the details maybevery difficult, but who knows what’s gonna happen, can anyone imagine thatpeople can travel into space 100 years ago?

我不是说这是必然的,但我认为这是可能的,最近50年的技术进步已经超过了过去2000年的总和。细节可能很难,但谁知道会发生什么,谁能想象100人们能进入太空?Robert Sneddon
Technically its probably just aboutachievable, the main barriers are more politics and cost. Comparing it with the`Chunnel` is a bit of a mistake as that was buit with 1980`s technology andthings have moved on a good bit since then with maglev trains becoming a reality,something the Chinese have had a lot of success with recently. Biggest hurdleis the lack of rail infrastructure on either side of the straits but if thiswas a bigger project to connect the Trans Siberian Railway with the CanadianPacific?


jacky tang
One belt one road to one belt tworoad


Roman Soiko
china is building a bigger tunnel123 km or 95 miles across the Liandong Gulf the water there is far worse it’s200 feet/60 meters between that this is possible

中国正在建设一条横跨连东湾(Liandong Gulf 原文如此)的123公里或95英里的更大的隧道,那里的水要糟糕得多,在200英尺/60米深之间,但这是可能的John Carpenter
Water has been the main barrier betweencontinents. Any more question?


Aaron Shaw
Yunus – Jonah your literally connectingAmerica to the world it would be way more significant for everyone to come tothe U.S


Yunus – Jonah
Aaron Shaw Your connecting Alaska toeastern Siberia Barely anyone lives in these areas Huge amounts of land withcold temperatures and no major cities There would be no purpose to this trainIts cheaper and better to use planes and ships


Aaron Shaw
That’s the short term project yes but ifthat undersea tunnel goes up there’s no doubt that U. S are going to fund theproject of trains going from.los angels and new York toLondon, shanghai and other global cities it would make a shit load of profit.


Yunus – Jonah
Aaron Shaw Lol Thats crazy A train from LosAngeles to London hahahaha It would take months to get from London to Losangeles by train and cost trillions to build a railway You know we have planestoday right ?


Yunus – Jonah
Aaron Shaw The US cant afford toupgrade their current infrastructure in mainland US Its more focused on itsmilitary and wars and Arab springs and fending if china and Russia


Yunus – Jonah
Aaron Shaw Oh and don’t forget creating andfunding terrorists like isis – israeli secret intelligence service

哦,别忘了创造和资助恐怖分子,比如isis——以色列秘密情报机构Neil EndrigoCardoso de Miranda
When I was child back in 2001 was going tothe restaurant with my family in a Friday night, saw an old Chinese man thatcouldn’t speak Portuguese, he knew only the numbers and had a calculatormachine to sell his shoes. Imagine how brave was this man, alone in Brazil, farfrom all he knows to get a better life for himself and his family. Thisman represents China, a powerful nation with over 1 billion people, which is leadingthe Robotic Industrial Revolution and in couple decades will overpass thisnation that just make fun on the news. I have been reading quite a lot aboutChina, my goal is to learn mandarin in the next year, need at least 5 years tobe really good in their language, after finishing college want to establishmyself in China and be part of this revolution. Laugh dumb journalists, but allthese Mealomaniac goals will be achieved, back in the 60s everyone waslaughing that the men wouldn’t go to the moon, and guess who won?


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