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1962年中印战争,为什么印度输了? [美国网贴]



Unable to reach political accommodation on disputed territory along the 3,225-kilometre-long Himalayan border, the Chinese launched simultaneous offensives in Ladakh and across the McMahon Line on 20 October 1962. Chinese troops advanced over Indian forces in both theatres, capturing Rezang la in Chushul in the western theatre, as well as Tawang in the eastern theatre. The war ended when China declared a ceasefire on 20 November 1962, and simultaneously announced its withdrawal from one of the two disputed areas. Indian posts and patrols were removed from Aksai Chin, which came under direct Chinese control after the end of the conflict.


The Sino-Indian War is notable for the harsh mountain conditions under which much of the fighting took place, entailing large-scale combat at altitudes of over 4,000 metres (14,000 feet). The Sino-Indian War was also noted for the non-deployment of the navy or air force by either the Chinese or Indian side.
It is noteworthy that the build-up and offensive from China occurred concurrently with the 13-day Cuban Missile Crisis (16–28 October 1962) that saw both the United States and the Soviet unx confronting each other, and India did not receive assistance from either of these world powers until the Cuban Missile Crisis was resolved.



Will Sjhdhd
Indian brothers, don’t be manipulated into war with China by certain foreign actors. China and India will only lose out if a war occurs between the two. there is nothing to gain for either India or China at all.
the only winner is the US who kills two upcoming superpowers by instigating this single conflict. Please use your rationality and intelligence. we are not so easily tricked like our African/arab brothers. how about India?


technhost boom
nehru sucked he made india lose the war like the comment if u agree


My Phone
lack of technology and warfare equivalent or superior to china was the main cause of failure…nehru never went to the battle field but soldiers did with minimal ammunition, below average artillery and with low on food supply… how do a soldier fight in empty stomach! considering the condition of indian economy at that time!!!

缺乏与中国对等或者比中国更好的技术和战术才是印度失败的主要原因。尼赫鲁从未上过战场,真正上战场的是士兵,可是这些士兵只有最少的弹药量,低于平均水平的火炮支援,而且粮食供应不足,士兵们饿着肚子,怎么去战斗? 要考虑印度当时的经济状况!

Atul Mehla
because of brits


vivek singh
Then Indra gandhi made India 1971 war


Rishabh Shirke
it was a political blunder…do some research.over trust was the main issue.After hindi chini bhai bhai shit Nehru believed there is no threat from china so the government reduced the production of ammunition and also withdrawal of army was done


Sree Govind
Nehru can be a good spokesman and orator but not a strong prime minister


Hoots Sniff


Benaiah Ahmadinejad
if war happened in 2018, India idiots would lose again!


I dont think india is ready as yet to challenge china. The chinese economy is about 5 times larger. China, is still ahead of india.


because indian were ( still are ) busy raping at the time lol


pranto sarathy
how come you know this much about us. We rape people who are living as anti social elements and morons as you


Pupun Jena
are u the product of that act…


nomad chao
We don’t use our hands to pick chrysanthemums.


nomad chao
What I mean is that we do not rub our chrysanthemums with our fingers,but you do.I can not imagine someone going to go to eat Indian meal


Antonia Alana
India needs to fix their culture.


nothing wong
Sometimes I don’t get of what exactly the Indian are thinking, the war with China only last for 1 month and 1 day, and you hate us for more than 50 years. British ruled and humiliated your country for more than 200 years and you did not say anything or do anything on that. Are all Indian born to be a slave or what?

有时候,我都不知道这些印度人究竟在想什么,与中国的战争只持续了1个月零1天,可是印度恨了中国50年。英国人统治并羞辱了印度200多年,印度人什么也没说,什么也没做。 难道印度人天生就是奴隶吗?

What Is What?
India has never been good at war, except in their Bollywood movies of-course, the fact that India couldn’t give a befitting reply to Pakistan in 1965, a country 4 times smaller than them baffles my mind, both sides claim victory, but it was more of a draw, which still is quite shameful for a country that big, plus India couldn’t take back an Inch of Kashmir which as per them was ‘occupied’ by the Pakistan Army in 1947 military stand off, then India was beaten bad by China in 1962 again.


Indians only had a victory in 1971 and even that when India cowardly attacked Pakistan when it was already fighting a civil war within, the incident only goes to show how low and coward can Indian Army get. In 1999 during Kargil conflict Pakistan again shamed the Indian Army!
And now, its actually sad to see they want to loose one more.

印度人只在1971年取得了胜利,而且还是在巴基斯坦正在打内战的时候,印度像胆小鬼一样袭击了巴基斯坦,这也说明印度军队有多么差劲和懦弱。 1999年卡吉尔冲突期间,巴基斯坦再次羞辱了印度军队!

India want to be a monster, so China is soldier. Soldier kill the monster then levels up.


Damon Z.
It’s very simple, look how many Olympic medals India got , and how many Chinese got !


Legendary Aryan
To all my chinese friends…. just because you eat dogs… you should not bark like one….
P.S. How do u prefer dogs… fried or roasted…?


because india iq just 81


gen chen
Losers always have a lot of excuses


Dr. Evil
china lost war with vietnam and japan


Dennis Shih
Dr. Evil Get your facts straight. Industrialised military-focused Japan couldn’t conquer a divided, war-torn China in 8 years, that was far before any allies intervened on Chinese side to kick Japan’s ass. If you want to talk about Vietnam, China destroyed the Vietnamese resistance and was in a good position to take Hanoi. The only reason they withdrew was because Deng Xiaoping wanted to keep it a limited war, as promised to the USSR.


Louis Khoo Xun Fu
@dennis Shih agreed,during that time,china was a scapegoat, we were actually on good terms with japan at that time,but they saw that we were weak and took this as an oppurtunity to seize land to give them a fighting chance


Greywith M
@louis Khoo Xun Fu losers always have a lot of excuses..


4 lost chinese soldiers captured 256 Indian soldiers without firing a single bullet. Indians still believe that’s all Hehru’s fault.


Rohan T
Pokerman what bullshit,tell truth is yout country backstabbed us and outnumbered out troops


X1 Gen KaneshiroX
Per 1 Chinese = 64 Indians Captured


Ziyu Peng
In 1962 the Sino-Indian war, the US ambassador to India reported to Washington: “New Delhi appeared extreme panic, which is the first time I have seen a national morale collapse.” Indian banks open burn notes, the northern states ready to blasting Power plant, all India radio repeatedly broadcast the Indian national anthem, India seems to be subjugated … … China only to mobilize the original troops in Xinjiang, but Lhasa and Urumqi life as usual.

1962年中印战争,美国驻印度大使向华盛顿报告:“新德里出现极度恐慌,这是我第一次看到一个国家的士气崩溃! 印度银行公开焚烧钞票,北方各州准备炸毁电厂,所有印度电台都重复播放印度国歌,印度似乎被征服了。中国只不过调动了新疆军区的部队,拉萨和乌鲁木齐的日常生活都没影响。

Edward W.
So shame! India lost the war during China being weakest time in 1962. Hungry people anywhere in China. But Indian still lost the war.


AJ nevan
Western countries are very pleased to see the war between China and India, no matter who wins, no winner, the winner is only Western countries, Asian countries just like idiots by Western countries,
Most of the world’s people use video sites like youtube , they are dominated by the United States


Truth Matters
India never win against China. India is at least 50 years behind China.India is jealous about China, but China can not help India because of Indian’s attitude.


I love Moustache
Only Gaandu Nehru was it’s main reason


manoj sai nath reddy
do you think India can win now ?? definitely no . India can’t win until or unless political system changes in the country. India can’t win until or unless plague has been removed from the Indian way of living.yes we are inflicted with a disease that no one can’t see . we don’t want blame others who ruled us before freedom . my friends if we are weak every one will attack us and every one will take advantage of us . our adversary is not our enemy our weakness is our enemy.we want to win ourselves before fighting others. only a fare leader with wisdom , benevolence, courage, discipline, trustworthy can find the root cause of the countries failure and can treat the disease


Jason Salz
India = couldn’t even handle Pakistan,and India believe India could handle China?


Jason Salz
If India is that good, why is Pakistan an independent country? India can colonised and invade it now, and take control of the country immediately.
Defeated China when? You lost your war with China. Indians love to be a pawn of the West to mess with China.


Nishchay Bhuta
Who wants to defeat china? We just want to control hegemonistic attitude. Whole world is sick of that.
Nuclear weapons nullify all advantage u may hv. Even mongolia is not frightened from u.


Jason Salz
Mongolia is sucking up to China. You stupid. Try watch a video where Mongolians keep sending their children to China for study since primary schools


Chinese trolls have invaded youtube. Indians are being apologetic and say “India is not like that” “not like this”. Indians need lessons in dealing with trolls first.


Udai Shankar
you must be dreaming if you are imagining a zero causality on chinese side in the event of war. let me tell you, the large chinese armies have been beaten up in 1967 in sikkim by Indian troops.


X1 Gen KaneshiroX
Indian dream a lot while Chinese work more. That’s my View


Di Di
sorry entire south china they all together can not against china


no doubt india only can defeat Pakistan


Din MS
Indians are not good at anything. We can see this in sports, economics, political or in military arena. The Indians cannot and dont know how to fight. They cannot even vanquish the lousy unarmed Kashmiris never mind Pakistan or even China.


Rahul Marak
Nu ur so called American troops can’t even stop the Taliban n the Al queada in Afghanistan……


jacky tang
Modi would become second Nehru then indians can get the reason of your failure


sumit vashistha
India = 2600
China = 240
Modi will use Nuke on first day of war.


Glide Zheng
Indian army was not well prepared? U planed invasion for years and did that for years!!! Whatever ur government told u why u lost in 1962, u will lose again.sure India in 2017 is much more powerful than 1962, but China in 2017 is much more powerful than India in 2017.


from 1959 to 1962, indian army had been always executing Nehru’s forward policy and repeatedly refuse to discuss with China about border dispute. Then the war broke out. Yet, till now, some indians are still using the excuse “we were not prepared”… Come on, it is not PLA’s duty to teach you how to fight a war.


Moin Ahmad
I’m a Pakistani. But the fact is that a true patriot always fight for his own country with pride and dignity no matter how strong your enemy is. India fought till last bullet but were outnumbered


Rahul Roy
Nehru Gandhi family is a curse on India


gene eu


Yeah they have to find legitimate ones. But they don’t make up crap like China’s victory over Japan and then celebrate it like idiots.


Garry Hunjan
we accept we was weak of that time in 1962. today is 2017 india is different. hope u understand


Andres Leon
India was more powerful than China on paper in 1962, that is the problem. Now it is 2017 and China is more powerful than India on paper. All this means is that India would lose even worse in a conflict today…


Horse with no name
But you are pathetic enslaved rats who are forced to worship a maniac like mao,don’t have the freedom to speak your mind….weren’t even allowed more than one child in a family…in this century. That’s why you fuckers are so in awe of Democracy, which you’ll never experience. Despite your big economy no western nations provide you with military technology for you are deemed unworthy…Japanese did treat you rats the way you deserve to be treated. .fucked your whores..Nanking.Remember.


Warrior Creed
Hey u stupid idiot
Remember 1967 That war was a secret which was kept away from all of us(Indians). And you know what the chinese declared that was as just a incident not a war! Know the reason why? Coz that war was won by us! 400 chinese troops were killed like pigs and only 88 Indian soldiers martyred!

记得1967年的战争吗,对所有印度人来说都是个秘密。中国人称是一场冲突,而不是战争!知道为什么吗? 因为印度赢了!400名中国军队像猪一样被杀,牺牲的印度士兵只有88名!

Britain conquered thru deceit thru their divide and rule policy go read history kid. Despite India being attacked by so many country the nation stands strong infact its China who has lost its touch with its culture due to its communist policies. Thise Chinese dont know the power of the Aryans they take one victory and stand with it. Well Japan fucked China hard in Nanking despite being a smaller nation and China infact looked for USA for help against a small Japan.


Jeffrey Sung
This is 2017, Many people in India still have no running water no electricity. Take care your people first.


Indians might eat more chili than Chinese. That might present a risk during times of war. Trying to fight when you need to go to the toilet more often could be more difficult and present a strategic disadvantage.


Shitangshu Maity
Bondy trust me. it will be your mouth that we all will shit into


Ahh so you can’t handle the truth. Just deal in the facts, rather than in flatulent emotive responses. Don’t Indians eat more curries that Chinese ??? Is that not a fact ???


pranto sarathy
kashsoldier Bro don’t fight with them online we are not brought up that way just see the video and be proud. Some morons may come up with their comments but don’t get upset


Was there inference made that India thought they were going to have Soviet support for the 62 war? Obviously, indians were sadly mistaken. You think Russia even then would want to take on China. That would’ve been a huge miscalulation. Things have not changed since 62 except now China is a Super Power.


Kp Singh
I still feel very sad about it …they took our land ….I hate China .people of China r very arrogant they don’t talk nice , never heard any Chinese talking nice to Indian they r rude mannerless


Joydev Sarkar
Yes we lost the war,at that time it was necessary for us to understand the situation that we have to stand in our own feet, it was the reason we started IGMDP(indegenous guided missile development programme) as described by Mr. APJ ABDUL KALAM. To day again the situation is critical aggretion of China in South china Sea, OROP project, the strategy of lending money and then colonisation many others. Now we have strong force to counter Chinese applying the lesson we learnt 1962 war. RETREAT of china at DOKLAM issue is a clear indication,but now also we have to go a long way. JAI HIND


adisorn pinijkulviwat
go back to see what happened in the youtube, my indian friends. It is a history, not a joke that you can be double talk to the young people. China never say it is a victory over India. It is a clash first because of the intrusion of indian troops in the chinese territory. China has a lot to do with their own country at the time . China want to hand over the peace and prosperity to other countries. That is way President Xi officially visit India to propose a rail infrastructure project to help solve the infrastructure problem with a gift of 100,000 million Us dollars to India. China never say India lost to China. The second clash of Sino-India in 1962, when Indian troops of 35,000 men, well prepared and planned to attack China to take revenge against China. The result is that Indian is defeated.


china went through hell of war during the war against invasion of japan…and war with US and it’s all puppies in korea…. and I cannot beleive what made indian think china would take that shits left over by indian’s ex-master???? IQ problem..

在抗日战争期间,中国经历了地狱般的战争,也在朝鲜与美国和他的走狗们打过仗。无法想象,印度为什么认为中国会把那个印度前主人遗留下来的东西带走? 智商问题..

nomad chao
action speak louder dude


Binny NT
The only and only reason if any was that India trusted its neighbours. That situation exists no more. Just keep that in mind. For those who want to challenge India….we trust nobody and we are absolutely ready to go it all alone this time.


What about the 1967 war? LoL…Love from India to China?


Heliop Goper
if happen a sceond war between china and india,china will win again,you see your india army how it is like?


W. c.W
I hope we live with no hates, peacefully one day, brother to each country.I’m Chinese but I born in Malaysia. Love from Malaysia. And maybe can someone tell me the story about the China war with India ?


adisorn pinijkulviwat
There is one proverb that described if you come across snakes and indians , you are advised to hit indian first.


Top 10 unknown
Stop telling fake stories your india is seet I hate Indian you are dhoti I love nepal and chima


Piyush Nayak
If war happens both the country will die out of economic crysis


Seeing the comments
Both Chinese and Indians in the comments are not good at reasoning. All they are doing here in the comments are insulting each other


nomad chao
People always believe that people are willing to believe, I suggest you go to India you call for more people to support the war, so if you India’s troops will be criticized by your people, but they are afraid of conflict with China, I would like to see you That foolish Indian president will do that?


Real Thug
Informative video, we will take revenge of 62 war. There is a reason we’ve kept dalai lama and SFF.


Destra 125
Well, India is strong now, thanks to its smart Government, With Su30MKI’s and Even getting there hands on the New T-90MS TAGIL Tanks..New S-300 Anti Air, china would get Slaughtered if they did a Full Scale attack on India Again.. As long as India would be Prepared for the Conflict.


As 1 saying goes… “evil triumph coz good men DO NOTHING!!!”
China is now equal if not stronger than the US even, the fault lies where the US thinks it is still stronger than China simply because it was ahead of China 20, 10 years ago…
IF war breaks out now, the US will be amazed at how China will be able to match the US.
IF war breaks out 5 years from now… the US can only LOOK ON DISMAY at how China is able to literally obliterate the US military overwhelmingly, w/ speed & audacity! The US will resort to its Secret Weapons only to find out that China already has the appropriate response to render these weapons useless… hence, neutralize it! While the Pentagon scrambles, Russia invades Europe w/ a little more than minimum resistance, the EU has collapsed & NATO crumbles! Its almost like a Free for All! POTUS in the White House can only look in horror at how quickly things were unfolding, deteriorating! Israel launches preemptive strikes on identified strategic targets in the Middle east, the Arab countries unite & strike Israel… Israel goes nuke on Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan & Egypt. India joins the fray & launches against Pakistan & China… Japan is able to hold back China, revealing its modern & sophisticated weapons that China was NOT aware of. After 3 days, North Korea is no more… but the South is on the verge of being overrun by China in all fronts! The Asean nations can only look from a distance while Chinese troops begin to amass in the West Philippine sea… then, the US goes nuke & so does Russia & China!


Rohan Sharma
Im proud of my india. Not only china but our doggy pak also attacked us. 1962,1965 and 1971. Three wars within 9 year. Doggy lost both the time but still india was able to defend itself and even freed Bangladesh. And yet after so many hardships and congress corruption our india is one of the fastest economy and potential superpower. JAI HIND.

我为印度感到自豪。 不仅中国,连巴基斯坦狗都能袭击我们。1962、1965和1971年。9年内发生三次战争。巴基斯坦狗败了两场,但印度仍然能自卫,甚至还能解放孟加拉国。经历了这么多苦难和国会腐败,印度成为了经济发展最快的潜在超级大国之一。印度必胜!

Akshay vaidya
the reality is that we lost the war in 1962. we have to think obxtively and not with emotions. By looking at why we lost we can learn a lot and become better as nation and as an army. failure makes one stronger if we learn from this.
Pakistan never accepts that it lost all wars with India. that is the reason it never learns from its mistakes and then suffers the same consequence. we have to be different and truthful to ourselves. no matter how bitter it is. that way we always win.
India not only has a powerful army but moral army and part of being moral is to accept defeat one has been defeated. learn . Then come back fighting. Jai hind!!


Sameal Morningstar
Ive been to hong kong, Its a beautiful city, such nice people, so respectful, u wont feel like u dont belong there, Ive seen the comments some chinese trying to justify how china will annihilate india if there is another war.
Well here are the fun facts.
2) china rit now is like a greedy 8year old boy who wants all the cadies for himself, Their expansion across Vietnam in Chinese sea ,Making island etc is a proof of thet. Al they doing is aleinating themselves from rest of the world. So if a war brokes the only ally of china will be pakistan, and we know what pakistan is rit now.
3) Universal facts: there can be no war between 2 rising Nuclear power’s dosent matter who has more soldiers guns,Tanks or planes, A nuclear bomb will level it all, The Chinese brass knows it, too shame people commenting here on Chinese behalf who calls themselves as :intellects: and people of fact have overlooked this .


4) as far as US is concerned they only look out for themselves, They are no ones allies, But china is a threat to them, So if In hypothetical conditions China goes war with India including Pakistan from other side, US will back india coz they simply wont allow china to become the worlds superpower, And India will be backed up from Russia Who is it natural ally. Israel coz they simply despise chinese UK ,coz they are like supporting USA everywhere . So china with 50 mil strong PLA ,worlds biggest army ,will be fighting India worlds 2nd Biggest army backed from support of 3 World powers at least.
its not about past,But even a 6 year old can make sense to who will win
A guy commented saying 3000 Indian soldiers surrendered and they wd have cut thier balls. Imagine what India will do when 30 million PLA soldiers will surrender . but then this all is Hypothetical talk. War wont happen.
5) Chinese brass manipulating their country for thier personal gain to win the party election, Indian brass is no Different , All they want to do is secure thier place on top, And you all thirsty ass bitches are commenting here bitching about what will happen when war broke out …LOL…grow up .
6) if history is any evident Political parties controlling Millatry have ran the countries to dust and ashes coz of ambitions of a bunch of people to “rule the World”.
Try nazi Germany , If u have read the mien Kampfh , u can say china is kinda going in that direction. So much Aggression and hostilities. We all know what happened to Nazis.
So dont come here Commenting SHit about a war like Dumb ass , And who will win , No point in abusing each other over stuff that might not happen.
If it does , I can guarantee u history wont repeat Itself again .
Jai Hind !


bharath prakash
All the above points are absolutely correct. I want to mention one more very important point which is missed in the above video. During Indo-china war of 1962, then our ally USSR was indulged in a Cold War with USA regarding Cuban crisis. The Cuban crisis which was also happened to be at the same time in 1962. USSR started shipping its nuclear missiles to Cuba which is few miles away from USA. Americans smelled this danger and made a naval blockade on Cuba with its mighty navy. This almost tensed the world and brought the 3rd world war to its brink. But, Some how the diplomacy worked and both the super powers withdrew their forces. During this time china took as advantage and attacked India. As our ally USSR can’t intervene and USA also could have helped us as it hates communists. As a result India faced a humiliating defeat. By the time Cuban crisis ended, the Chinese announced cease fire on their own, since they know what would happen to them if they continue war with India after Cuban crisis. Our allies would be joined us for rescue and saved India from defeat. This is not my own assumption, any one can google the timing of both the wars indo-china war and Cuban crisis. Thank you.


Gobi nath
I don’t want blame Nehru he thought pakistan is the only enemy . He believes China can be a good friend for India.


Currently Indian troops are illegally entered into China territory called Daklam on the China side, the Chinese demanded the Indian troops withdraw from that area immediately, the Indian government, Modi Prime Minster ignored the requested That meant the Indian politicians are the aggressor. The same as happened in 1962, the Indian troops were illegally entered China territory that why the Indian soldiers lost the war. If this time war is going to happen, the Indian soldiers will lost huge as compare to 1962 because now the Chinese soldiers have all kind of weapons and equipments, most of them they are developed themselves. Most importantly, the Chinese soldiers are well trained and they are ready to fight.

目前印度军队非法进入中国境内的洞朗地区,中国要求印度军队立即撤离该地区,印度政府,莫迪总理无视这一要求。这意味着印度政客才是侵略者。这与1962年的情况一样,印度军队非法进入中国,这就是为什么印度输掉了战争。如果这次又发生战争,与1962年相比,印度将损失巨大,因为现在中国士兵拥有各种武器装备,其中大多数都是自己研发的装备。 最重要的是,中国士兵训练有素,时刻准备战斗。

Arbin Thapa
It was due to the bloody porky suwar Nehru we had lost 1962 war & even the issue of Kashmir is also due to him .As a matter of fact that Nehru had denied to supply ration 4 the jawans who was in the front at that time but our brave Indian Army fought for our Motherland till the end of last breath. Jai Hind


Deep Krishan Dutta
Off all the logistic reasons mentioned in the video, I would like to add to no.9 and no.10 reasoning mentioning running out of ammunition and food as well as proper winter clothings, it was GOC General Hridyanath Kaul ( was a bastard) he sent troops with the asurance that food ammunition and clothing would follow soon, he himself got admitted in hospital after drinking soap water and complaining of food poisoning and let the army jawans die in cold, Indian army was going strong as compared to Chinese (who had three men with one rifle to take turns when one dies), it was only this bastard generally Kaul who was responsible, later on this very man was made ambassador of some country ( not able to recall the name where he was sent) for his treacherous deeds. Had there been a compitient General in place things would have been different.And of course Nehru who was the most useless PM of India, he was a drunkard ,a womanizer and an opportunist .



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