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随着贸易争端的加剧,中国官方网贴称北京应该狠狠地打击美国,“让它记住痛苦” [美国网贴]


As trade dispute grows, China’s state media says Beijing should hit US so hard ‘it remembers the pain’

随着贸易争端的加剧,中国官方媒体称北京应该狠狠地打击美国,“让它记住痛苦”Communist Party mouthpiece People’s Daily says White House has ‘completely lost its sense of reality’


China’s state media has rallied against the United States, warning its trade protectionism actions would end in defeat and that the only option now was to hit the US hard enough so it would “remember the pain”.


“If the US says that it will pay any price, it must be firmly attacked,” Xinhua said on Saturday.


China warned on Friday it was ready with a “fierce counter strike” of fresh trade measures if Washington followed through on President Donald Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on an additional US$100 billion worth of Chinese goods.


US trade threats ‘raise risks for China’s industrial tech ambitions’


On Wednesday, China imposed US$3 billion worth of tariffs on US fruits, nuts, wine and pork, just hours after the Trump administration proposed duties on 1,300 Chinese industrial, technology, transport and medical products.


The rising trade tension between the world’s two largest economies follows a US finding that China was engaging in unfair trade practices in connection with intellectual property protection. China rejects the charge.


‘It has dealt us a heavy blow’ – China’s exporters count the costs of a higher yuan as trade war kicks off


China’s media, which is strictly controlled by the government, has come out in defence of the country, painting it as a victim of a too aggressive United States bent on taking illegitimate unilateral action.


“The White House has completely lost its sense of reality!” said the ruling Communist Party’s People’s Daily newspaper in a Friday commentary, alleging the US is acting unilaterally and engaging in trade protectionism.


Meanwhile, the nationalist Global Times said in an editorial published late on Thursday that the “Chinese are aware that the only option now is to hit the US hard enough so that it will remember the pain.”




[–]Timbershoe 393 points
The Whitehouse is clearly, demonstrably, fantastically unprepared for this.
Donald has surrounded himself with idiots, corruption and yes men. Literally his only business experience involves how to declare bankruptcy and dodge taxes.
China isn’t just laughing, they sense a real and validated reason to attack the US economy.
And our defence is a senile fool, who at his peak only excelled at spending daddy’s money to buy a building.


[–]fitzroy95 8 points
based on past experience, short term pain would make them find someone to blame and then lash out at and start a new shooting war against them. In this case, China (?).
Their stupid decisions of that type have a very long (and consistent) history.


[–]IBuildBusinesses 8 points
What happens if China retaliates by cutting back the amount of US treasury bonds they continue to buy? When the US runs a deficit the money they borrow comes from selling bonds and China has, iirc, been the biggest buyer for years. Who keeps lending money to the US when China stops? The other countries could never pick up enough of the slack. If China stopped buying US debt all together the global financial system would collapse.


[–]dancingferret 5 points
Not likely. The Chinese government is the largest single buyer for T-bonds, but they only represent a tiny fraction of the total. Them cutting off purchases would spook the market a bit but it would hardly be a drop in the bucket. The demand for US debt is absolutely insatiable.


[–]IBuildBusinesses 2 points
Yeah, you are right. I just found this https://ticdata.treasury.gov/Publish/mfh.txt .
It looks China is the biggest holder of debt but only slightly ahead of Japan. But in both China and Japan each only have a little under 1/6 of the total US debt. Given China and Japan together hold 1/3 of the US debt it’s perhaps a bit of a saving grace that they hate each other as the two of them together could send ripples.


[–]eBelieveCalifornia [score hidden]
All foreign entities own about 30% of the total debt. China and Japan hold about 1/6th of that 30%.


[–]SanpakuLouisiana 2 points 11
When QE amounts to becoming the biggest player in the market (Fed holdings stand at $2.4 T, China’s are at $1.17 T), and there’s no sign of repudiation of future QE at the Fed, yes.


[–]Tylertooo 7 points
I think in a trade war, the winner is the one who gets hurts less. In this case, that would be China.


[–]tat3179 [score hidden]
China will hurt more, not less. But the difference is China could also take more pain. Their people remembered worse. And a vast majority of them are disciplined enough to stand behind *.
The US however, particularly their farmers, cried like a bitch before the trade war even properly commenced.


[–]Tylertooo [score hidden]
I’m not doubting what you say, just trying to understand: what makes you say the Chinese will hurt more?


[–]tat3179 [score hidden]
Because China still exports more to the US than vice versa thus are more reliant to the US market.


[–]staticchange -2 points
How do you figure? Trump is a moron, but we do have a fairly large trade deficit with China. If we put tariffs on every product they sell us and they did the same, we would win easily.
This will hurt everyone obviously, but China will be worse off.


[–]staticchange 4 points
I’ll agree with that, the US will lose a trade war because we don’t have the stomach for it.
Our politicians face public pressure over the fallout, and China’s do not, which already leaves us at a disadvantage. But the GOP is particularly vulnerable now with midterms approaching.


China is a command economy. If they buy no US soybeans for a year that inconveniences them but really hurts our Midwest.
But China can say “hey, all you farmers over there on 20,000,000 acres, next Spring you are planting soybeans!” And they will. And China will be good again after one growing season.
The American trump-humping farmers? Not so much…


[–]420everytime [score hidden]
But China can say “hey, all you farmers over there on 20,000,000 acres, next Spring you are planting soybeans!”
Africa is now China’s farm. These tariffs probably have a positive effect on kenya.


[–]staticchange 2 points
Your stated example isn’t really the right perspective. Why does China need soybeans? If they have 20 million acres of farmland, what is it producing now? If they switch to soybeans, will those farmers know how to grow that? Is it the right climate for it? How long will it take them to become as efficient growing soybeans as they were growing rice or whatever else before? How will growing soybeans at the expense of something else help them feed their population?
You can’t compare this stuff in a vacuum.


The facts are that China needs to export to us much more than we need to export to them, because they export many times more goods to us than the reverse. If all trade stopped, millions of Chinese would be forced into extreme poverty and possibly starve after being laid off. Their lack of soybeans would be their least concern, these people couldn’t afford to buy them anyway.


Millions of americans would have to pay twice as much for clothes and consumer goods (lots of these come from India, Taiwan, and other countries too). I’m sure many americans would struggle, and globally we would enter another recession due to the shock from all of the jobs that would be lost, but the scale of the damage done to america won’t really be comparable to what happens in china.


The major advantage china has is political power, china doesn’t care what it’s citizens think and if millions of them suffer there is nothing they can do about it anyway. Trump would be removed from office long before any of the scenarios discussed here play out, and china will ‘win’ the trade war, simply through political pressure.


[–]staticchange [score hidden]
Why does China have millions of acres of farmland and farmers to work it just sitting around? Why do they buy our soybeans with such untapped resources at hand? Charity?


American companies would have shifted their suppliers to other countries within a year as well. Prices may not be as low, but we have the advantage of being the consumer. India, Taiwan, the Philippines, Africa, they all want that money, it’s not as though we have to make tennis shoes and shirts in China.


Some goods, like electronics, may take some investment to move, but if they do move they will likely never return for the same reason. Again, China has much more to lose than the US does. It’s just numbers, we import almost three times as much stuff from China as we export.


[–]r1chard3 3 points
Chinese politicians don’t have to worry about elections. They’re also very adept at whipping up their populations. Remember a couple years ago they had their people setting Japanese cars on fire over a rock out in the ocean?


[–]staticchange 2 points
I agree, but if China wins the trade war it will be through a return to status quo. The guy I was replying to said it would be whoever is hurt less, but the only thing likely to be bruised in the US when all is said and done is Trump’s ego.
China doesn’t really have any hope in inflicting greater financial damage on the US in a trade war, they can’t win that way. Trump won’t win that way because he has too much political pressure.


[–]Stopjuststop3424 [score hidden]
I’d disagree. If China switches sources for say soy beans, or grows their own, then even after the trade war is over, those exports from the US never recover. Even when the tarriff are gone, China will likely continue to import far less from the US going forward. This has the potential to destroy American farms in the long run.


[–]staticchange [score hidden
I mean, sure. But if we start manufacturing iPhones in india due to the trade war, China will have difficulty regaining that business also. And as I have maintained all along, they have so much more business to lose.
I don’t know why people think China is so invulnerable. This article is as much Chinese propaganda as Fox News is GOP propaganda. Reddit fellates one, and hates the other. Both are worthy of skepticism.


[–]mitom2 1 point
China would not do such a thing. they simply would stop delivering to the US alltogether. after a few weeks, the US economy would be down. Congress would make a law that removes the ability to start a trade war from the POTUS. problems solved.


[–]staticchange 1 point
We’re both talking theoretically. It would devastate China’s economy to stop selling goods to the US. All I’m saying is such a move would hurt the US less overall.
I agree it won’t happen, the GOP would fold to political pressure before we reach that point.


[–]funkymunniez [score hidden]
Best estimates right now say our trade relationship with China if cut completely is 3% of their gdp. They do a ton of manufacturing for us. We’d probably be worse off.


[–]staticchange [score hidden]
https://ustr.gov/countries-regio … ples-republic-china
US imported 478.8 billion from China in 2016, and exported 169.8 billion.
US GDP is 18.57 trillion, China’s GDP is 11.2 trillion.
If we’re going to talk numbers, there is no way any of that is in China’s favor if trade stopped completely.


[–]Stopjuststop3424 [score hidden]
How much difference does it make when you consider how much of that 478 billion is US companies importing their own products that they manufacture in China? Imagine if China blocked all of Trump and co’s own products from being exported and they could only sell within China.


[–]staticchange [score hidden]
I mean sure, but those factories would have huge layoffs, millions of people would lose their work.
In the US, some people might be laid off, and the cost of consumer goods would likely spike dramatically, but China is not the only country we buy these things from, and they can be built elsewhere. China can’t sell the goods you mention elsewhere without violating copywrites, which we know they don’t care about but all the big western markets for these goods won’t allow it.


Bottom line is that trade is vital between the two countries, but to say China holds the upper hand financially or that it’s a close draw is dishonest. We buy a lot of stuff from China, and they don’t buy nearly as much from us. Of course things are more complicated on this scale, but the consumer always holds the advantage. Lots of people want our money, and there are other countries with similarly low standards of living, low costs, negligible worker rights, and massive overpopulation.


[–]funkymunniez [score hidden] Our trade relationship with China is 3% of their gdp and they’re currently setting up Africa to be what they are to us. With an more authoritarian government they would crush us, especially since trump has no God damn business navigating such a foreign policy action.


[–]tat3179 [score hidden]
I will not comment on whether the US should go into a trade war with China based on its current grievances against it. However, it seemed that the US is entering into the battlefield really unprepared and totally have no clue about the obxtives for the war.


[–]A_CountryBoy_Knows [score hidden]
Yet we have have all the money. Who is china going to sell to?


[–]Timbershoe [score hidden]
No. The US is in record breaking debt:
And the largest owner of that debt is China. Companies have wealth in America, America itself is in the hole. Trump is digging us deeper.
As to who to sell to? The rest of Asia, Russia, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia.


[–]Stopjuststop3424 [score hidden]
No, the question is where are US companies who manufacture in China going to sell to? What happens to Apple if a few million iPhones, that Apple has already paid for, can’t leave China?


[–]DrNoPantsNevada 1 point
It’s a weird day when Chinese state media is more credible than the president of the United States


[–]xdppthrowaway9001x 0 points
It’s a weird day when Chinese state media is more credible than the president of the United States
Are you joking? Chinese state media is almost North Korea-tier when it comes to propaganda. And if you think Trump’s administration has a lot of yes-men, you haven’t seen anything compared to the Chinese government. There’s no convenient bill of rights and civil liberties there. People are murdered for criticizing the party or the agenda all of the time. Such an environment does not enable factual reporting, and in fact expressively prohibits it.


[–]Spacedman-Spliff 4 points
Hope you simply forgot the /s.
Otherwise, I hope you realize China is far more capitalist than Americans seem to think.


[–]dancingferret 2 points
It would boost interest rates for a bit, but otherwise all it would do is relieve the Chinese government of one of its most reliable and stable assets.


[–]reallyfasteddie [score hidden]
I feel that the Chinese are pretty astute when it comes to matters of money. Trump I feel is not. This is like a poker game and people have figured out that Trump is the sucker at the table with a lot of money. I the next two years there will be many people itching to get it. Russia, China, North Korea, etc..


[–]justsayin2u -2 points
If China keeps playing with fire, the U.S. would be well within its rights to revoke China’s MFN trade status.
To those who assume China could do the same, I’ll simply point out that they already have with their longstanding mercantilism. The U.S. has far less to lose than China does by subjecting it to a taste of its own trade fraud and economic marginalization.


[–]Timbershoe 6 points
China only restarted trade in the 1970’s. That’s only 40 years ago.
I’m not sure that classes as longstanding mercantilism.
But yes, they practice neomercantilism. As does the US.
I don’t think anyone sensible would say that the US can’t win a trade war, and there are steps that could be taken to up the odds of wining, but China has three advantages.


1 – They have taken the first steps, they have a plan and they are forming economic allies in Russia and Canada to limit impacts on the Chinese economy.

2 – They are targeting trumps base, specifically, to harm the heartlands and undermine support for a trade war. Cutting the heart out of the fight.

3 – China isn’t a democracy. It doesn’t matter what the population thinks about a trade war, or what the impacts are to the individual.


And pitted against those three advantages? Donald J Trump, 5 times failed businessman who has zero economic experience. A man under fire daily. A man about to loose the house in the midterms. A con man. A man who’s pushed all his advisors away, valuing his ego over knowledge.

与这三个优势相抗衡?唐纳德·J. 特朗普,一个失败五次的商人,一个在经济领域的经验为零的人。他是一个每天都经受猛烈抨击的人。一个会在中期选举之后离开白宫的人。一个骗子。一个把他所有的顾问都推到一边去,看重自己的自负而非知识的人。

[–]buttergun 121 points
Haha. Joke’s on you, China. Americans don’t remember shit. Whatever damage they inflict on the American economy will be forgotten in 6 years or fewer.


[–]spread_thin 7 points
Exactly. If China wants things to change, they need to straight-up starve the population of red states until they simply don’t have the population to elect another Trump.


[–]MediumBaller 3 points
Edit: Your argument is so annoyingly stupid it really irritates me. Not taking drastic actions to save us from another Trump is and has harmed far more people than China fucking with imports ever could. Oh, and TRUMP started the shit.


[–]xdppthrowaway9001x 1 point
Exactly. If China wants things to change,
They need to stop with the billions of dollars of intellectual property theft and unfair economic practices they engage in. Trump is stupid, but China is not really in a position to lecture him. Obama wanted to do something about this too, but his plan was to do it with the TPP.


[–]GabeDef 1 point
It’s such a no win pissing contest for both sides. China needs the US’ consumerism and this consumerism need China’s cheap goods. This could be a hard lesson for both.


[–]blackops219 0 points
Not anymore. Even though US is still a valuable market for them Chinese, China has the largest population and it’s slowly (fast actually) into the largest consumer market; more people are moving from poverty into the middle class. Eventually, it’ll be the US companies begging for even a piece of that huge market.


[–]ExpiredDustyMuffin 1 point
We’re already there for many industries. Just look at how pro-China most blockbusters are these days, or how Apple’s stock price goes tumbling if there’s even so much as a rumor their market share in China is dropping. They need Chinese consumers.


[–]ninemiletree 55 points
Russia and China want to undermine US’ power to allow their own geopolitical and economic growth
Russia sneaks an imbecile into the White House
Imbecile begins to enact damaging and meaningless economic and political policies including tariffs on China.
This allows the far more competent, ruthless, and driven administrations in China and Russia to enact far more effective retaliatory measures.
US suffers and is weakened far more than ever in its history because a few bigots and imbeciles thought a five-year-old with a four-year-old’s solution to problems was a good idea.


[–]User767676 16 points
China isn’t reacting to tariffs. It was part of the plan all along with help from Russia. Trump voters still do not recognize this because of the ideological distraction and power grab games begin played by selfish powerful Republicans. If the right keeps fretting primarily about their guns (etc) it won’t be long before they can’t afford food, let alone buy guns.


[–]pingieking 5 points
Disagree. China has nothing to gain from a trade war with the USA. In fact, they’ve got even more to lose than the Americans because China’s government probably can’t survive a prolonged economic slump. Damaging trade relations with the world’s largest economy is not a good way of trying to keep the world’s largest population employed.


[–]ninemiletree 8 points
China has nothing to gain from a trade war with the USA
They do if the person driving the war on the American side is a crippling stupid fool and can be easily outmaneuvered by China and appeased by simple bribes.


[–]xdppthrowaway9001x 1 point
Trump isn’t the only one in his administration.
Also the Chinese government is full of bribes, corruptions, and murders. It’s an authoritarian regime.


[–]dancingferret 3 points
Nazi Germany and the Soviet unx worked that way as well, and they turned out to be ludicrously inefficient and incompetent, because people were promoted for loyalty and ideology first, competency second.
You can make the argument that the Trump Administration works that way as well, but it is supported by a nonpartisan civil service. China ironically, lacks that, even though in the past they invented that idea.


[–]QuerulousPanda 2 points
It’s a risky game but all they need to do is hurt us long enough for us to roll over and do what they want. It was unthinkable before but likely now. The Chinese government and people are far more capable of weathering a storm than we are.
Especially because they don’t even really need to hurt our population that much, they just need to ding the bottom line of a few rich folk.


[–]PinkBubbleT 2 points
The Chinese government and people are far more capable of weathering a storm than we are.
The Chinese government can weather a storm because they can (mostly) ignore popular opinion. The people are still human and will suffer just as much as anyone else would.


[–]proggR 1 point
China’s government probably can’t survive a prolonged economic slump
You and I are looking at two completely different Chinese governments then. Power hasn’t been this consolidated in China since Mao. Meanwhile America’s government is holding together by a thread, and is ripe for revolt even without a trade war. Once food prices start to rise in the US throughout the summer, if this trade war is still not resolved I expect you’ll see far more civil unrest in the US than in China.
They’re also not the ones damaging trade relations with the US. Trump shot first.


[–]clevername99 -1 points
China has a huge weapon in its arsenal that nobody has mentioned. They hold a shit ton of US debt, and are regular buyers of new US debt. They could mess with the capital markets in ways never imagined.


[–]ser_renely 2 points
It would hurt China to call in the debt, a lot.


[–]rexmachina [score hidden]
You are just wrong. Russia and China are two distinct situations, this isn’t the 1950s, calm the fuck down. China doesn’t want to hurt the US economy because that would also harm China. Trump forced the issue.


[–]xdppthrowaway9001x 1 point
While I agree that they both want to undermine the US, China loses greatly in a trade war with the US.
Our economy is nearly twice they size as theirs, and they rely on US consumers for growth.


[–]coolbern[S] 60 points
Goodbye American exports to China. Even without other government action, the Chinese people get the message. Every good Chinese person will avoid all things American. And if China does take counter-measures, Americans, who are constitutionally incapable of ever admitting a mistake, or saying sorry, will get really mad. But what can the U.S. do? Stop buying Chinese goods? Make empty threats? Start a war? My hope is that when all else fails, people open their eyes and start dealing with the sorry mess this world is in, starting with hunger, poverty, disease, and climate change. There’s enough work for us all to do.



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  1. 最近的中国是怎么了?我们只是在崛起,还没真的雄霸天下呢,能不能低调点为人呢?哪怕真能打赢,也要默默的按死它,而不是先放出风声,把牛皮吹大。

    1. 你不知道心理战吗?不战而屈人之兵是最好的战术。不打,还教训了他们。这就是我们要做的。

      1. ——清醒点吧,美国现在还是世界老大。只听说强大的一方向弱小的一方采用不战而屈人之兵的战术,没听说弱小的一方采用虚张声势的方法能吓唬住比自己强大的一方!

    2. 不顶着能怎么办?不顶着可能就再没有了崛起的机会,美国现在的操纵团队就是当初用关税搞垮日本经济,强迫日本签订“广场协议”的团队。除非想缴枪不发展了,等美国收割,问题还不是你想不发展就可以的…

    3. ——中国韬光养晦40年了,你以为美国会等到你变成世界老大再跟你干嘛!不可能的?所以老美以自己国内法301条款首先提出制裁中国清单并已实施,如果我们妥协、忍让,就会成为萨达姆、卡扎菲……

      1. 中华民族前所未有的团结,这和百年耻辱的痛有关,所以这时候打绝对要打,而且要使劲的打,相比于美国内部利益分化的结果,中国的现状是好得很多。但打归打,别吹大口号,往死里按这才是正理,对民众只是一个劲的鼓吹中国崛起,但却不正视自己会面对的问题,这是不对的。至少到现在为止,我甚至都看不到有关于贸易战对中国有多少影响的理性文章出现,这就是信息上的不透明。当看到第一部大国重器的时候,国人感觉是何等风光?我们的心里也不禁为之自豪。但之后呢,接二连三的各种记录片层出不穷,我已经嗅到了马屁的异味,一切都开始变味了。孔子说,生于安乐,死于忧患,当今人民的思想水平与过去的年代不可同日而语,不该再一味的蒙蔽、片面与掌声,而是要更加理性的分析,越是对民族不利、对国家不利,才会有更多的人紧密团结。看看现在国内的那些异声吧,那些精美、精日的人,他们是如何变成那样的人的?因为他们有办法翻墙,甚至有办法出国,所接触到的国外媒体与国内所报道的内容严重冲突,在没办法分辨大是大非的时候,百年耻辱的悲观使他们三观尽毁,这就是一场悲剧。

        1. 说了一堆幌子,最后只是想表达为什么会有精美,精日,就是因为民众被”洗脑”,然后出国看见了“真相”才变成精美,精日吧?我只听说过出了国更爱国的,没听说过出了国回来就骂政府的。国内媒体被政府掌控,那国外媒体不何尝不被政府背后的财团掌控呢?我相信通过层层选贤出来的中国领导层比美国通过所谓民主选举出来的领导层好太多了。所以所谓贸易战我一点都不担心,毕竟我没那个眼界,我只要相信领袖就行了。

  2. 怕个毛线,我们中国经济和全世界捆绑,美国伤害我们一刀,其中半刀都被外国分担走了。